An alternative approach to this world of emotions and feelings.

A key part of Newfield ontological coaching is the domain of emotions. Typically, this is an area that most coaching schools skirt around or else avoid completely.

However, together with the domains of language and body, the emotional domain is a fundamental element of what makes us human and cannot be ignored when working as a coach.

The majority of line managers with whom I have worked would much rather ignore emotions and/or pretend that they are not important. This is true about their own emotions and the emotions of the people around them. It would be so much more convenient if I could pretend that people were brains on sticks and operated like machines in a factory. The problem is, that’s just not the way human beings function.

As a result, in our program, we dive headlong into this area and introduce key distinctions that enable you to work effectively with your own emotions and those of the people around you.

The classic approaches are to try and “control my emotions” or to numb them out. Neither of these prove effective in anything but the very short term. So many managers I see spend their whole working day, supressing their emotions, in a futile attempt to be “objective” and “rational” only to see that pesky emotion burst out inappropriately when they get home with their spouse and children.

This short article here outlines a different perspective and an alternative approach to this world of emotions and feelings.

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