The Graduate Spotlight – Dr Kesavan

Today, February 4 is World Cancer Day, which aims to increase cancer awareness and encourage it’s prevention, detection and treatment. With this in mind, we would like to highlight one of our esteemed graduates who has truly touched the lives of so many. Dr. Kesavan is one of Singapore’s leading urological surgeons and tumor immunologists, with a thirty-year clinical and research interest in cancer of the urinary bladder. He also runs an active gene therapy program for urological malignancies, and was recognized by the National University of Singapore Health System as a doctor with a “Passion for Compassion,” for his ability to connect with his patients on a heart to heart level.

What did such an experienced and qualified doctor gain from the Newfield coaching program?

“Newfield coaching has taught me to listen better. It has improved my verbal and nonverbal communication with patients and improved their understanding of both the pathophysiology and therapeutic aspects of their illness as well as the psychosocial and environmental influences on disease causation and resolution.

I believe that incorporating the coaching process that I learned with The Coach Partnership into the field of medicine will improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of both primary and specialized health care.”

Dr. Kesavan is also one of most sought after speakers in our Health Coaching Program. The next Health Coaching program begins on March 2.

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