Change from the inside out – by Terrie Lupberger

Because you are human, you have a story about who you are, where you fit into the world, what you can accomplish, what you want, what you can’t do, what you aren’t good at, etc. Maybe that’s obvious to you.

What isn’t so obvious is that whatever story you are currently telling you about yourself is one that YOU MADE UP. What’s worse is that you forgot you made it up and now you believe it’s true.

I can’t go back to school at this age.
My boss just doesn’t like me, no matter what I do.
I’m married to someone who will never see me for who I am.
I don’t have enough education to….
I can’t launch my new business; it’s too risky.
I’m just not as talented as he/she is.
I’m not the right size, age or shape to be a …
I can’t tackle global warming or social justice issues; I’m just one person…
I don’t have the time to…
I don’t have the money to…

These are a small sampling of stories that people have told me over the years. (Maybe you have told yourself some version of these as well?) See how they close off new possibilities? Do you get a sense of how they keep you stuck or playing small?

Well here’s a radical notion to consider… maybe your suffering (not having what you want, not living in alignment with what you care most about) is a result of the story you tell yourself.

Maybe the outside circumstances that you blame for not having, being, doing what matters to you most isn’t what’s really stopping you.

A wise teacher once said to me, ‘You can’t create a new world if you don’t have a new story.’ I like this. It lets me make changes from the inside out, regardless of external circumstances. That’s power!

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