TWP has a reputation for developing deep relationships with our clients, based not only on high impact training and coaching work, but also on a high level of attention to detail and client service. We have worked with a number of our clients for more than ten years, a testament to our ability to produce a high level of sustainable behaviour change over the long term.

Testimonials are available on request.

Over the last few years, we have made several major acquisitions, but our investment in the TWP Leadership Program has provided by far the highest ROI.

FTSE 100 Company Chairman

This programme has inspired me to stretch myself and take risks - I also had fun and made lifelong friendships.
Very inspirational, I felt privileged to be on this programme.
The feedback and facilitation of the break-out groups by the coach was excellent. I liked the physical activity especially during virtual sessions.
This is the best training programme I have ever attended. Be ready to put yourself out there and you will get tremendous value working with TWP - for your career and also your life.
A life changing experience that I'd like to recommend to all of my team members.
This program exceeded my wildest expectations - it was a tough but amazing journey.
The approach shared was structured and what I appreciated most is the simulated coaching, which allows us to observe and learn with each other. It made better sense having gone through a few sessions on simulation and it has became apparent what is needed to be effective in coaching. Whilst we are still in the midst of this, I already can observe that I am being mindful about how effective I would like to communicate with or coach my team members.