TWP challenges people to exceed the expectations not only of those around them, but also of themselves.


TheWorksPartnership is a leading provider of high-impact experiential interventions to businesses and institutions worldwide. Our personal approach to development and growth has served to evoke new levels of excitement, commitment and possibility in our clients for more than 20 years.

We believe that it is only possible for a business to grow if its employees are also growing.

TheWorksPartnership(TWP) has worked in partnership with organisations big and small across Asia, Europe and USA to further personal and organisational growth via the development of self-awareness, commitment, responsibility, leadership and team development.

Based out of Singapore, with partner offices in Hong Kong, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and Jakarta, and coaches and trainers located throughout the world; TWP offers services in the areas of Leadership Development, Change Leadership, Line Manager Coach Training, Executive/Team Coaching, Influencing & Engagement, and Health and Wellness initiatives on a global basis.

The goal of TWP interventions is to trigger new levels of effectiveness for individuals and teams and thereby enable sustainable transformational change within their organisation.

Using an experiential process that begins with self-awareness and honesty before moving to trust, openness, commitment and responsibility, authenticity and contribution, TWP interventions challenge unproductive patterns of behaviour and build genuine commitment to an organisation’s vision and goals.

We challenge leaders to engage with their career, their team, their organisation and ultimately their life, at a whole different level; to take responsibility for their results, to communicate authentically, to work in a cooperative spirit of partnership and to have the courage to do and be different.

We are dedicated to the excellence of individuals, companies and communities.

TWP also owns one of the world’s most respected coach training companies: The Coach Partnership. The Coach Partnership use the Newfield ontological methodology to create world-class coaches via a 9-month ICF ACTP certified program, that is recognised as being the gold standard in coach training.