Self-awareness (positive or negative) like I have never had before. Leadership values to build on in order to help both my career and my personal life.

I got an invaluable amount of self-awareness, which has literally changed my life. I was able to really re-build my confidence. This has made a great change to me, my family and everyone I work with. It's given me great direction

This is not a work program but a life program. You've (safely!) pushed me so far out of my comfort zone that my boundaries are changed. I've learned so much about myself, I've made great friends and developed support networks. I'm buzzing about the next six months. This program is life changing!

Leadership Development

The TWP approach is different to the vast majority of programs out there today and we consistently receive feedback to that effect.

TWP programs place an emphasis on discovering the underlying causes of thought, mood and behaviour – in particular, the limiting beliefs that the leaders hold about themselves and others. It is by becoming aware of these beliefs that leaders can make different choices, choose to shift their behaviour and produce different, sustainable results. You can’t change a habit you don’t know you have.

The program will challenge participants to create a whole new level of results via in-depth personal development work, followed by intensive executive coaching and then a clear ‘result report-out’ session (ideally to a “career limiting” panel or person!)

TWP workshops are very unlike traditional adult learning – they focus on addressing contextual issues such as mindset, attitude and self-limiting beliefs, as opposed to inputting more knowledge and content.

As an example, participants will likely already “know” that being responsible is desirable and will create better results than being irresponsible. However, they still make excuses and blame people/things, because they have great justifications to do so: e.g. lack of time, burnout and bosses who don’t understand them.

What makes TWP workshops unique is that our facilitators are not afraid to challenge such cognitive dissonance.

Workshop Details

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