Ken Ito

Senior Trainer and Trainer Development

Ken Ito is an expert in designing training programs and developing trainers. He has specialised in experiential leadership development work for over 20 years and delivered leadership development workshops all over the world. He possesses a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Counselling. Prior to focusing on training, Ken ran his own business and consultancy.

Gordon Sutton

Trainer and Executive Coach

Gordon Sutton is a trainer and executive coach with more than 20 years of experience working with a diverse range of companies and organizations throughout Asia. His background is in civil engineering and his own experience spans the military, and the construction industry where he held senior marketing and sales roles.

Nathan Troy


Nathan possesses more than 20 years of corporate experience with 15 years of professional training and coaching experience. Born in Asia, he was raised and educated in the United States. Nathan has vast training experience with multinational clients throughout the region. Nathan delivers trainings in English and Mandarin.

Beth Hollahan

Trainer and Executive Coach

Beth brings more than 30 years of corporate experience to her training and coaching work. She has lived on five continents and coached in over thirty countries working with individual clients and with groups of up to seven thousand people.

Aneace Haddad

Trainer and Executive Coach

Aneace spent 30 years building technology companies before becoming a trainer, workshop facilitator and executive coach. In his younger days, Aneace was a software engineer, specializing in programming systems in C and Unix. Singapore is now home, after living in the US, Europe and the Middle East. A lifelong experience with change has developed into a passion for helping individuals and enterprises excel and transform, in an environment of increasing volatility and disruption. He works in English and French

Rajen Makhijani

Trainer, Executive Coach and Business Development

Rajen brings more than 20 years of inter-disciplinary experience to his coaching and training. Ex-McKinsey, he has held leadership positions in top global strategy consulting firms and multinational organisations, as well as being an award-nominated screenwriter. He has served in cross-cultural settings across India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, S.Africa, Nigeria, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, and Bahrain.