The sessions on influencing were really practical and useful. Now I can see my old patterns and how to develop new ways of connecting with people, my ability to engage my team has significantly improved

Influencing & Engaging

Our approach to influencing and engagement is highly experiential. We use a simple and yet highly effective model to provide a structure and illuminate the classic ways of interacting that human beings develop.

Consider that in some ways you and I are like everybody else, like nobody else and more like some people than other people. Looked at from one point of view, we are all exactly alike, just embodiments of a common humanity.  From another point of view, we are unique.  There has never been anyone exactly like us, and there never will be.  From a third point of view, we can each be grouped with certain other people according to characteristics we have in common.

The most effective influencers are those who have learned to modify and adjust their own predominant interpersonal style to meet the needs of other people.  The keys to flexibility are awareness of one’s own style and the styles of others – together with the willingness to give up the limited point of view that says: “my way is the right way.”

With regard to engagement, the right way is what works, and what works is likely to be different from simply applying my own style.

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