I now see that coaching is really powerful when you are well grounded. Listening is more than just hearing the words, it is becoming aware of the context, tone, emotion and body of your coachee.

Helped put some of the things I was already doing into a structured coaching framework as well as fill-in some of the gaps and strengthen my understanding of performance coaching through hands on exercises. Identified what I should do, as well as stop doing, to be a better coach.

Coach Training for Line Managers

More than anything else, our approach is praised for its experiential nature and direct relevance to line managers. We are developing a line manager so that they can confidently include a coaching approach in their way of working – we are not attempting to develop an executive coach. We have other programs that do that!

We support the participants to start ‘thinking, listening, and acting like a coach’, providing them with some practical, easy-to-use coaching techniques and models to use alongside their management and leadership skills.

Our approach raises the confidence and commitment of participants to go back to work and coach their team in their daily work. Participants leave the workshop:

  • excited about coaching
  • ready to start a coaching conversation
  • with a belief in their ability to coach and develop their staff
  • clear on the benefits for themselves, not just the coachee

Without these outcomes, however great the coaching material, it will not be applied.

Workshop Details

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