Executive Coaching


TWP offer Executive Coaching in various formats and with different objectives:

An integral part of our training workshops
Individual and organizational transformation does not happen overnight and the majority of
our training offers involve a combination of workshops and 1-1 executive coaching. It is in
the coaching that new practices are developed and new habits are formed. In this situation,
participants work on the areas that they have found most valuable in the workshop.

An integral part of our Newfield Coach Training program
TWP has a sister company, The Coach Partnership, one of the world’s leading coach training
schools, that offers the Newfield ontological coach training methodology. A big part of that
program involves working with a highly experienced executive coach.

In the first part of the program, you are working on subjects that you choose from any areas
of your life. In the second part of the program you work with a mentor coach, specifically on
your ability to successfully apply the ontological coaching methodology in live situations.
Attending the Newfield program is often a more effective intervention than a 1-1 coaching
engagement as it provides a lot more breadth, depth and group work.

Standalone Coaching
We also offer standalone executive coaching assignments. These are individually tailored to
the needs of the individual (or team), very often in conjunction with their boss and/or HR

The chosen subject matter can vary widely, but common issues include:

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